The Surging Shark Incidents in Hurghada


The beloved tourist destination, Hurghada.

Typically known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear Red Sea.

Is recently gaining attention for an unfortunate reason: an increase in shark attacks.

In this region, shark attack incidents were sporadic in the past..

However, the number of shark-related occurrences has spiked by an alarming 80% over the past three years.

This escalation poses a significant concern for tourism and marine life conservation efforts.

Scientists believe that several factors contribute to this unsettling surge.

Most significantly, overfishing has depleted the sharks’ natural food sources, driving them closer to shore in search of sustenance.

Furthermore, climate change, another crucial factor, is disrupting the delicate ocean ecosystem.

As global temperatures rise, marine heatwaves become more common, altering the behavior and habitats of marine life, including sharks.

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