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These particular animals use stinky odours to fend of enemies.

The animal kingdom is equipped with various adaptations for self-defence.

Let's get to know them:

The skunk is a small member of the weasel family that shoots a fragrant liquid when disturbed.

They can shoot this toxic slippery liquid up to 10 feet away.


This protects them from any predator, no matter how large.

When threatened, they spray a foul-smelling, hot, and toxic chemical.

They can spray chemicals repeatedly at predators with great speed and accuracy.

2.bombardier beetle

Special chambers inside the bombardier’s abdomen contain two chemicals called hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide.

The odour is also used to seduce member of the opposite sex.


Wolverines use anal scent glands to release a stench to protect its food from other scavengers and to protect its territory

During the late spring mating season, the musk male secretes a rotting liquid from special organs near the eyes.

This new scent appeals to nearby females who watch while the males vie for dominance, bowing and bumping into each other at high speed.

4.musk ox

However, most people never get close enough to the Tasmanian devil to smell it at they're usually repelled by their loud call.

When aggravated , a Tasmanian devil releases an awful scent.

5.tasmanian devil

The Anteater is an insect eating animal that produces a terrible scent from the organs under their tail.


In fact, it is 5-7 times stinker than sunk.

“Smell” takes on a completely different meaning underwater than it does on land.

The moment it feels intruded upon, tit releases a mist of frenzied purple stun gas.

7.sea hare

As if that wasn’t enough, this krill is also very poisonous to eat.

This snake is also known as the ‘smelly evil spirit’ due to its habit of producing a pungent odour.

They secrete an unpleasant odour from their anal glands when threatened.

8.king rat snake

Despite this, it is still kept as an exotic pet in many parts of the world.

They have two stomachs to process food, much like ruminants - such as the cow.

9.stink bird

Also known as hoatzin, the stink bird has one of the strangest stomach-related systems in the avian world.

Each time a female incubates an egg, her filler organ is modified to secrete a fluid that smells like spoiled meat.


It has striking high contrast striped wings estimating a wingspan of 16-18 inches.

We all know how repulsive a bad breath can be - these animals definitely take it to another level.

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