Most Repulsive Doggos 

By Josie

December 19, 2022

Dogs will forever be man's best friend.

But some are cuter than others. 

And some are not cute at all.

We've listed the top 10 ugliest breeds of dogs. 

Let's get to it!


The Chinese Crested

They have pointy teeth and are generally prone to losing teeth at a very tender age.


The Chihuahua

They have huge round bug eyes, giving them a somewhat creepy look.

The Affenpinscher


The face of affenpinschers is very similar to that of a little simian, which is a breed of monkey.


The American Pitbull

This breed have square heads and gigantic jaws with a bite strength of 235 pounds per square inch.

The Puli 


Pulis are energetic and lively, but their fur coating is more like a mop.


The Mexican Hairless Dog 

They are completely naked and bodies full of wrinkles


The Borzoi

Borzois originated in Russia and were preferred by the Russian aristocracy for hundreds of years.

The Neapolitan Mastiff


They have loose skin with many folds and permanently wrinkled heads and front feet.


The Pug

Pugs are ugly due to being bred and deformed by human design, harboring a condition called brachycephaly.


The Whippet

They have a bony look that many find highly unattractive.

And that all doggos are equally deserving of love and care!

But remember: 

beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

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