By Josie  August 15th, 2023

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride

A recent video from Malaysia showcased an unexpected skill of proboscis monkeys: hitchhiking!

The video is captured in Sarawak, where dense forests meet winding rivers, unexpected encounters with wildlife are not uncommon.

The Video

The Video

As the boat cruises along the river, the monkey sits on the edge, much like a human, enjoying the scenic beauty.

It takes a spontaneous dip into the water, showing off impressive swimming skills, before getting onboard again.

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Why Are They the World's Ugliest Monkeys?

This label primarily stems from its distinctively long and pendulous nose, which can reach up to 7 inches in males.

Its pot-bellied appearance and reddish-brown fur, also set it apart from other primates, although not in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The Benefits of Their Ugly Nose

Primarily, a larger nose amplifies their vocalizations and plays a vital role in attracting potential mates and asserting dominance

Additionally, some researchers believe that the nose might also help in cooling down the monkey in the humid environments of Borneo.

Prolific Swimmers

They can swim underwater for distances of up to 70 feet and often choose to rest near the river’s edge.

When faced with threats, it will leap into the river, creating a loud splash that might deter potential predators.

They possess various physical features to support their aquatic habits, including partial webbing between their fingers and toes.

Yellow Wavy Line
Yellow Wavy Line

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