of Archerfish

of Archerfish

By Josie July 11th, 2023

The Unusual Hunting Techniques

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These aquatic creatures hunt by shooting water jets at insects, bugs, or other small animals on overhanging branches or leaves.

Archerfish have mastered precision and accuracy in their hunting technique by shooting water jets at prey on overhanging branches.

Factors Influencing the Archerfish's Hunting Technique

1. Distance  2. Surface tension of the water  3. Speed of water jet

Specialized Mouth

The Archerfish possesses a protractile mouth, meaning it can extend its mouth forward, creating a tube-like structure.

Archerfish have elongated gill filaments that enable them to hold water within their mouths while breathing air through the gills.

Modified Gills

Accurate Eyesight

Archerfish have excellent vision, particularly in terms of depth perception and the ability to judge distances accurately.

When the Archerfish aligns its mouth with its nostrils just below the water’s surface, it can efficiently suck in a mouthful of water.

Tubular Nostrils

Are Archerfish aggressive?

The archerfish is not typically aggressive towards humans or larger animals, but they can exhibit territorial aggression towards their own kind.

Archerfish  also consume fruits and seeds that fall into the water.

By doing so, they contribute to seed dispersal and propagation.

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