By Josie  June 27h, 2023

by Killer Whale

by Killer Whale

Boaters Survive an Attack

A killer whale attack is fairly rare – but not impossible.

Let's take a closer look at killer whales and their behavior:

Killer Whales can measure a whole 32 feet in length and up to 12,000 pounds (6 tons.)


They are found all over the world and their diet consists of fish, seals, squid, and even other whales.

An orca can capsize a small boat with a swipe of its tail. If a person ends up in the water, they could face a dangerous situation.

Potential Dangers of a Killer Whale Attack

While killer whales do not view humans as food, they are known to play with their prey, which can lead to serious injury or even death.

Most reported attacks involve captive orcas in entertainment parks, where poor living conditions cause aggressive behavior.

Reasons For Killer Whale Attacks

In rare cases, orcas may mistake humans for prey when humans are participating in water activities like swimming or surfing.

The Incident

The Killer Whale suddenly breaches through the water, attacking their small boat - which somehow doesn't capsize. 

The killer whale continues to chase the boat, illustrating one of the killer whale’s most impressive skills – its incredible speed.

They can swim at 34.5 miles per hour.

The icy water adds a terrifying layer to the danger. If the boat capsizes, the passengers will fall into freezing water, which can cause hypothermia in minutes.

Orcas often hunt in groups known as pods, and they work together to catch their food.

Hunting Techniques

They surround and herd their prey, making it harder for the prey to escape.

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