Colossal Anaconda (33-Foot-Long)

A 33-foot-long monster Anaconda was discovered by construction workers in Brazil. (You need to watch the video in the article).

Green Anaconda

Such a creature might seem like a figment of imagination, but in the swamps and forests of South America, it is a reality.

Found in Brazil

Construction workers found a 33-foot-long Anaconda in the Brazilian Rainforest.

Massive Monster

The giant anaconda was discovered after an explosion in a nearby cave, where the construction workers found the 900 lbs (400kg) monster.

Largest Ever

It was 33-foot-long (10m), longer than any other Anaconda ever.

Lifted with a crane

A crane was needed to lift it and show the snakes enormous size.

Giant Snakes

Anacondas are some of the largest and most fearsome snakes in the world. They have inspired countless legends and myths and captured people’s imaginations for centuries.

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