By Josie  February 26th, 2024

12 Animals That Eat Gross Things

Vultures are nature’s most famous scavengers, feeding on the carcasses of dead animals.

#1 Vultures

Hyenas are renowned for their robust digestive systems, capable of processing virtually every part of a carcass, including bones.

#2 Hyenas

Detritivore insects, such as dung beetles, play a pivotal role in nutrient cycling by feeding on the feces of other animals.

#3 Dung Beetles

The hagfish, an eel-like creature, adopts a macabre method of sustenance, burrowing into dead or dying fish to eat them from the inside out.

#4 Hagfish

Komodo dragons consume the decaying flesh of dead animals. That being said, there are numerous examples of them eating prey alive as well!

#5 Komodo Dragons

While often depicted as ferocious predators, piranhas are also scavengers known for feeding on dead and dying animals. 

#6 Piranhas

Army ants are known for their mass-feeding frenzies, consuming almost any animal they overpower.

#7 Army Ants

The Tasmanian devil consumes all parts of its prey, including fur and bones. This prevents disease and recycling nutrients within its habitat.

#8 Tasmanian Devils

Flesh flies have a gruesome reproductive strategy, laying their eggs in decaying flesh, which their larvae consume.

#9 Flesh Flies

Raccoons are known for their omnivorous diet, including garbage and decaying matter.

#10 Raccoons

The aye-aye, a unique primate, feeds on insect larvae found by gnawing holes in wood.

#11 Aye-Aye

The desert hedgehog consumes insects, small mammals, and even poisonous scorpions without harm.

#12 Desert Hedgehogs

The star-nosed mole eats earthworms and other invertebrates found in the soil where they burrow.

#13 Star-Nosed Moles

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