This Is Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

Sharks likely come to mind when considering the ocean’s most fearsome creatures.

However, there’s a surprising twist to this aquatic tale: sharks are not always the sea’s apex predators.

Dolphins, with their friendly appearances, are the underwater superheroes that strike fear into the hearts of sharks.

Sharks have long held the reputation of being the ocean’s top predators, thanks in part to the iconic movie “Jaws.”

While shark attacks on humans occur, it takes more than a high human casualty rate to rule the ocean.

Dolphins, belonging to a family of aquatic mammals, thrive in warm tropical waters.

Known for their streamlined bodies, large dorsal fins, and powerful  tails, they can reach impressive speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

Dolphins are also warm-blooded, need air to breathe, and have an  intriguing way of sleeping – one half of their brain remains alert,  allowing them to surface for air while the other rests.

Dolphins are highly social and intelligent creatures, often traveling in groups called pods.

This camaraderie gives them an edge against solitary sharks.

When a shark threatens a separated pod member, the rest of the group rushes in for defense.

There is still so much more to discover about these incredible creatures!

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