Tiger, Bear, and Lion Live Together As Friends

In an extraordinary tale of friendship, a playful African lion, a majestic Bengal tiger, and a gentle American bear have lived together harmoniously for over a decade.

This incredible bond, formed under the most unlikely circumstances, has captured the hearts of many, earning them the affectionate nickname: the BLT trio.

Their story began in 2001 during a drug raid in Atlanta.

In the basement, police discovered three animals – a bear, a lion, and a tiger – kept in deplorable conditions.

The young cubs were malnourished, frightened, and infested with parasites.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources rescued the three cubs and brought them to Noah's Ark Sanctuary (NAAS) for urgent medical care.

They made a full recovery and found a permanent home at the sanctuary.

Despite their evident differences, the trio preferred each other's company.

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