Tiger Vs. Elephant Story

Do you want to see the scary event when a Wild Tiger takes on a grown Elephant in India? 

Largest Land Mammal on Earth

Elephants are known to be the largest Mammal on Land. So they usually have no natural predators.

Fierce Hunters

Tigers are known to be fierce hunters. They can go for mammals as prey, much larger than their own size.

Tiger Vs. Elephant

– In 2004, forest rangers at Kaziranga National Park in the northeastern state of Assam, India, were attacked by a tiger. Who was sitting on an Elephant.

Surprise Attack

The Tiger attacked out of the thick bush, so it was not possible for the Elephant to see it before.

One Jump

With a massive jump the Tiger leaped for its enemy. Could you have imagined that it would attack the Elephant?

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