Tiger vs. Puma

Let’s explore both sides of the argument to understand better why each animal may pose a different risk in different situations.

A symbol of strength, power, and ferocity, tigers are the largest species of cats on Earth. They weigh anywhere from 300 to 600 pounds and have razor-sharp teeth, and claws to pierce through flesh effortlessly.

Physical Attributes - Tiger

Smaller in size compared to tigers

Physical Attributes - Puma

In addition to being mighty hunters and intimidating opponents with their sheer size alone, tigers have exhibited patience when stalking their prey or waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

Behavioral Tendencies - Tigers

Live in small groups consisting of a mother and her offspring

Behavioral Tendencies - Puma

In terms of strength and aggression, it is evident that tigers hold an advantage over hippos. Tigers are more agile.

Comparing - Strength

A Tiger prefers larger prey such as deer, antelope, or wild boar. Whereas a puma prefers meals consisting of rabbits, fish, or birds

Comparing - Prey Preferences

Typically found in heavily wooded areas like forests and grasslands


Can exist in a wide range of remote habitats, from deserts to mountain rainforests


Primarily a meat eater and hunts on all terrain

Hunting Behavior

Opportunistic hunter and hunts mainly over short distances in wooded areas close to rivers or along coastal terrain

Hunting Behavior

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