Toad Vs. Frog: What Makes Them Different?

Today we will carefully dissect the differences between the toad vs frog. They have different bodies, lifespans, and, most importantly, different eating habits.

However, because toads and frogs are often found living together, many people don’t know the difference between them, so they assume both animals are the same.

If you have difficulty differentiating between these animals, this story will be an interesting read for you.


Notably, toads are generally smaller than frogs, and they burrow rather than hop. Frogs can be distinguished from toads by their slimy skin and bright-colored bodies.

Method of Movement

Toads generally move slower than other animals because they don’t hop as much as frogs, who hop as far as 10 feet at a time.

Toads Vs. Frogs Diet

Frogs have smaller mouths with fewer teeth than toads, which helps them catch their insect prey more easily.

Frogs’ Life Cycle

Stage 1 – The Egg Stage 2 – The Tadpole Stage 3 – The Metamorphosis Stage 4 – Adult Stage 5 – Death

Toads’ Life Cycle

Stage 1 – Mating Season Stage 2 – Baby Toads Stage 3 – Adulthood Stage 4 – Death

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