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tHE TOP 10


Over 3 million species inhabit these tropical areas. 

The world's rainforests cover 7% of our planet's surface.

Keep reading to get to know a few of them:

Their beaks are thick and solid, incredible for destroying flesh, and their long claws  are great for keeping a firm grasp on their supper.

They measure 32 inches in length, and their wingspan can reach a whole seven feet.

1.King vulture

Electric eels are merciless and can convey a monster electric shock of around 600 volts.

This can cause cardiovascular breakdown in a person, and its how they kill their prey.

2.Electric eel

They can grow up to 8 feet long.

The poison of a dart frog is sufficient to kill 20,000 mice. 

3.poison  dart frog

Despite only measuring 0,6 inches and weighing one ounce they're extremely lethal.

The species is endemic to Focal America and South America, where it is found close to waterways and streams in rainforests.

They received their name because of their ability to run on the outer layer of water.

Likewise, they'r great swimmers and may stay submerged for up to 30 minutes.

4.jesus lizard

Females give birth to litter of 3-4 whelps, which are weaned at 4 months and then become completely independent at 20 months.

The Leopard is active for the most part of the day, in contrast to similar predators such as the Puma.


These are among the biggest of the New World monkeys.

6.howler monkey

They are well-known for their noisy wails, which can travel more than one mile through thick tropical jungle.

The jaguar is the greatest feline in South America, but unfortunately also one of the most endangered.

Their jaws are so powerful that they can crunch through the shell of turtles or the skull of their mammalian prey.

This bird seems to be a chicken and has more than one stomach, very much like a cow - hence their nickname "flying cow."

They have large claws at the end of their wings that they use to safeguard themselves.


Their clawed winged is no the only thing that make them dinosaur-like, they also radiate a peculiar reptile-like scent

The underside of the morpho’s wings is a dull earthy colored tone with eyespots, giving disguise against hunters when their wings are closed.

9.morpho butterfly

This variety incorporates in excess of 29 acknowledged species and 147 acknowledged subspecies.

They look like big rats and are found in South America.

They are known as one of the biggest rodents found on earth and belongs to Hydrochoerus family.


They're highly social animals and live in groups of 20-30 individuals (although packs of 100 have been documented.)

These fascinating species are yet another reason why we urgently need to prevent the destruction of the world's rainforest.

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