Blue Animals

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Water is colorless, but the ocean’s depths appear blue as the red part of the light spectrum is absorbed by the water.

Rarest color in nature

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Also known as the Tanzanian blue gecko, this species is native to a  small patch of the Tanzanian forest, typically found on screwpine trees.

Electric Blue Gecko

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Commonly known as the blue sea slug or blue sea dragon, the blue glaucus is a nudibranch.

Blue Glaucus

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Also called the blue lorikeet, this medium-sized arboreal parrot is  native to Tahiti and surrounding islands in the South Pacific, including  French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

Tahitian Lorikeet

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The blue morpho butterfly is endemic to the tropical rainforest and savannah of Central and South America, particularly the Amazon Forest and Cerrado savannah of Brazil.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

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This animal is so rare that the chances of it occurring in nature is 1 in 2 million. For this reason, blue lobsters are rarely found in the wild and are mostly seen only in aquariums and conservatories.

Blue American Lobster

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