Top 10 Coolest Looking Animals

I have created a list of the top ten coolest-looking animals I am sure will give you an idea of how incredible nature is.  This list contains some of the animals you’ll be amazed to know exist and boast such impeccable traits and characteristics.


These animals are closely related to giraffes, but they tend to get confused with zebras because of their striping. Their extra-long tongue comes in handy when performing such duties as cleaning the eyelids and ears—swatting insects from around their necks.

The Fossa

Malagasy fosses are among the deadliest predators in Madagascar. They have the general appearance of hairless cats. They possess an incredible growth rate in that they can attain a whopping length of six feet.


Just as the name depicts, it has a mane on its neck that, upon sensing danger, stands erect. It is closely related to the dog and not the wolf or fox family. Unlike other dogs that stay in packs, this animal is a loner.


Generally called Glaucus atlanticus. They are known to float upside down while in water. Its blue color blends well with the water making it hidden and unnoticed.

Japanese  Spider Crab

This is the arthropod with the largest leg span making it more creepy. At their ultimate height, they stand a whopping two to three feet from the floor.


A slow loris is said to have a melting eye contact gesture due to its round eyes. They dwell in trees where they mostly hang on branches upside down using their feet.

Angora Rabbit

Angora is the known hairiest breed of all rabbits. It is for this reason that they are bred at home for their extra-long smooth wool. They can also be used as pets and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for one.