Top 10 Deadliest Snakes in The World

We must look deeper and ask – are snakes really that dangerous?  We’ll take a deep dive into the Top 10 Deadliest Snakes in The World in this blog!

Black Mamba

The Black mamba is the deadliest snake in Africa, which has a highly fearful trait that only needs two drops of venom to kill a person.


Fer-de-lance are commonly found in Brazil, Mexico, and central and south America. This snake is one of the deadliest pit vipers and is responsible for most of the deaths in central America.


Boomslang snake has venom that causes victims to bleed internally. It is found throughout Africa and is the top most venomous rear-fanged snake.

Eastern  Tiger Snake

The eastern tiger snake got its name because of the distinct yellow and black stripes on its body. Its venom is so dangerous that it can cause death in humans in just 10–20 minutes after a bite.

Saw-Scaled Viper

This snake is a minor representative of the famous snakes in India called the “Big Four.” Once an individual falls prey to this snake, they will quickly develop localized swelling and pain in the bitten area, followed by bleeding.

Banded Krait

The venom of banded krait is so deadly that it can paralyze the respiratory muscles and prevent the diaphragm from moving resulting in respiratory distress and failure since it prevents the air from reaching the lungs.

Russell’s Viper

This snake is also a cause of the high mortality rate in Sri Lanka among the farmers while they are harvesting their crops because Russell’s viper hides in fields.