Top 10 Endangered Animals in Scotland

In this article we will discuss some of the animals which are classified as endangered species  in Scotland. We will learn some of the interesting facts about various endangered animals in Scotland.

Red Squirrel

More modest and daintier than dim squirrels with articulated ear tufts. Red squirrels’ bodies are probably up to a grown-up’s hand and their tails are a similar length once more.


As the name proposes water voles customarily live in and around water. These earthly water voles are named fossorial which means adjusted for digging and they invest more energy underground like a mole.

Eurasian Beaver

They were once far and wide in England and Europe. However was pursued across its reach for its fur and for its musk scented emissions, called castoreum.

Mountain Hare

The strong mountain rabbit is our just really cold vertebrate and is chiefly confined to Scotland’s strategic position. Dark brown in summer to mix with the heath, the mountain rabbit’s jacket becomes white in winter, to match the snow.

Pine Marten

These animals are part of weasel family. There are various members which are part of marten family some of them are weasel, otter, polecat etc. They are small in size and look like size of pet cats.


There are two types of Puffins, one is tufted puffin and another is horned puffin. The distinction will be radiant orange bill and web sort of feed which are dark and white in variety.


The Scottish populace is assessed to be around 8000 otters. Otters are generally single, semi-amphibian well evolved creatures that get the greater part of their food from lochs, waterways or the ocean.


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