Top 10  Ugly Animals

We love our pets and most animals around us, but certain animals are not pleasing to our eyes. Let’s get to know these ugly animals one by one:

Purple Frog

Guess – who is the odd one out of the amphibians – yes! It’s a purple frog. This one is purple in a world where frogs are green and brown. Hence, it looks hideous from the rest of the frogs.

Naked Mole Rat

If you can’t stand common rats, wait for a species known as the naked mole-rat. They are even more disgusting than common house rats.


We have another water creature on our list of ugly animals, “the sea devil” itself. We are talking about the monkfish. Monkfish is the “naked mole rate” of water animals.

Proboscis Monkey

The probosci’s monkey is also known as the old-world monkey. They are known with names like a long-nosed monkey, orang belanda, monyet belanda, and nasalis larvatus.

Sphynx Cat

It has all the qualities of a cat, a cute nose, and small paws, but it still does not make you go “aww.” We are talking about a ‘sphynx cat,’ which also falls in the category of naked mole-rat.


Another wildlife creature on our list of the top 10 ugliest animals is the hyena. They are undoubtedly swift predators who devour their prey. They are also known as the “jokers” of the African savannah.

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