Top 21 Animals That Call The Olympic National Park Home

olympic national park via unsplash

The Olympic National Park spans Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, covering terrain from the massive peaks of the Olympic mountains to its lush, dense forests. Here in the variety of ecosystems, there is a diversity of animals that call the Olympic national park home, let’s find out more!

Endemic to the Olympic Mountains, this large ground squirrel is a symbol of the park’s unique biodiversity.

olympic marmot via unsplash

Olympic Marmot

These majestic elk are commonly spotted in the forests and meadows of Olympic National Park.

roosevelt elk via unsplash

Roosevelt Elk

Agile climbers, mountain goats are often seen scaling the rugged cliffs of the Olympic Mountains.

mountain goat via unsplash

Mountain Goat

These elusive bears roam the forests of the park, foraging for berries, nuts, and other food sources.

black bear via unsplash

Black Bear

A symbol of national pride, bald eagles soar above the park’s coastal areas and river valleys.

bald eagle via unsplash

Bald Eagle

Though rare, gray wolves are occasionally spotted in the remote regions of Olympic National Park.

gray wolf via unsplash

Gray Wolf

river otter via unsplash

Playful and energetic, river otters can be observed swimming in the park’s lakes, rivers, and streams.

River Otter


olympic national park via unsplash