Top 3 Places to See Polar Bears

Polar bears are important to the Inuit people of Northern Alaska, Canada, and Greenland because they taught them how to hunt seals. Do you also want to learn about the Black Bear? Take a look at our article.

10 Facts about  Polar Bears

Despite being mammals that live both on land and in water, Polar bears are considered to be marine animals. 23,000 are estimated to remain.

Underneath their fur coats, Polar bears have black skin. Their coats are translucent but are seen as white due to reflected visible light in a tundra environment.

Polar bears are exceptionally strong swimmers. They are able to swim for days at a time and at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per hour.

Top 3 Places  to See Polar

Canada (Churchill)

Canada is home to roughly 60% of the world's Polar Bear population. The winter months are the best time to see a large number of bears, but tours in the late summer months are also popular to see polar bears roaming the wild coastline.

Norway (Svalbard)

One of the rare sites to see wild Polar Bears is the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean north of mainland Norway. The estimated 3,500 Svalbard Polar Bear population is rising.


Kaktovik and Utqiagvik are the two Alaskan villages where tourists can go to see polar bears. Popular trips to visit Kaktovik, a traditionally Inuit village, involve visiting the waters of the Beaufort Sea in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


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