Top 4 Animals Invading The United States

Invasive species are increasing rapidly in different regions of the world, causing economic and ecological harm to that particular region.

These invasive animals are species that are not native to the area, thus causing significant damage to their new environment by adapting that area for survival.

The top animals invading the United States are described in depth in this story.

Feral Swine

– Russian boars cause the transmission of several diseases in humans and animals. – They also cause ruts that result in the loss and destruction of expensive essential equipment.


– Free-ranging cats also spread parasites and may destroy gardens and nests. – Cats are also a source of carrying disease-causing agents with themselves to the homes.


– Cause water contamination. – Destroy the crops and vegetation. – Damages the banks of lakes and water bodies. – Cause harm to wetlands and marshes.

European Green Crab

– They destroy various seagrasses. – They outcompete many species for shelter and food. – Badly impacts biodiversity. – Threatens many species.

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