Top Animal Rights Violation Issues in The United States

Animal rights advocates attempt to create a distinction between animals and inanimate objects, as they are often considered by industries exploiting them.

Animal rights aim to safeguard the basic tenets and principles that hold; in the grand scheme of things, every life is worth something.

In no particular order, here is a list of the top animal rights violation issues facing animals in the United States.

Factory Farming

Grazing animals are fed only on cheap grain and injected with hormones to fatten them, and farmers cut off chickens’ beaks, so they don’t peck each other to death.

Irresponsible Dog Breeding [Puppy Mills]

It refers to a facility that engages in breeding a high volume of new puppies for the sole purpose of turning a profit.

Animal Experimentation and Testing

Many experimenting labs still get away with keeping animals in horrible conditions. Subjecting them to abusive experiences in the name of innovation.

Blood Sports [Dog Fighting/Cock Fighting]

Here, they are encouraged to attack each other for hours until one or both dogs are injured. Or worse, get killed and can no longer continue.

Trophy Hunting and Poaching

Trophy hunting is a type of hunting wherein hunters are merely interested in killing animals for their parts, known as ‘trophies,’ rather than any actual need for food.

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