Top Best Places to See Wallabies

Wallabies are creatures smaller than Kangaroos and have similarities with marsupials.

If you are planning a trip to Australia and want to know about the best places to see wallabies, then you have landed on the right platform.

Here we will provide details about places and species present over there. Let’s dive into the discussion to help you know about the areas where wallabies reside.

Magnetic Island

The magnetic island is a mesmerizing place that is a must-visit during your trip. It’s the island of the North Queensland coast and is home to wallabies.

Freycinet National Park

Here you will find a distinctive Wallabies species, the Bennett type. These are also known as red-necked wallabies.

Alice Springs

Here is the largest population of black-footed rock wallabies. You can see them in MacDonnell ranges near the Alice Springs Telegraph station.

Kangaroo Island

One of the nature-based destinations in Australia where wallabies reside is Kangaroo Island. It’s the home to tammar wallabies.

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