Turtle With Exposed Heart Flaps Her Arms Whenever Her Dad Comes Near

Hope’s story began as a challenging one.

Baby turtles are usually born from eggs laid by their mothers and can  take anywhere from several months to several years to fully mature.

Get to know them

Their shape is also variable, with some species having a more rounded  shell while others have a more pointed or oval-shaped body.

Size and Shape

It comprises a series of bony plates, known as scutes that are covered by a tough, protective layer of keratin.

Shells And Scutes

Born with her heart exposed and lacking the protective shell that turtles typically have, many doubted her chances of survival.

But this turtle is different...

However, one person saw her vulnerability as an opportunity to make a difference.

This caregiver knew they had to step in and give Hope a fighting chance at life.

Against all odds, Hope formed a deep bond with her caregiver.

Despite the misconception that turtles are distant or unemotional  creatures, Hope displayed a genuine affection for her caregiver, eagerly  anticipating their presence.

Hope’s exposed heart was a constant concern.

Her caregiver diligently maintained clean water to safeguard her health and ensured the right temperature in her tank.

There is still so much more to discover about these incredible creatures!

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