Two Orcas Catch Waves 

Join surfers on a thrilling journey as they catch waves alongside curious and playful orcas in Houghton Bay, New Zealand.

In the pristine waters of Houghton Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, a magical and rare encounter between surfers and orcas unfolded.

This event captured the hearts of all who witnessed it.

Two majestic orcas, a mother, and her calf, gracefully rode the waves alongside surfers.

showcasing a harmonious interaction between these intelligent marine giants and humans.

Picture this – the sun-kissed waves of Houghton Bay crashing against the shore as surfers paddle out to catch the perfect wave.

Suddenly, two dark silhouettes emerge from the deep

catching the attention of everyone present.

To their astonishment, two orcas, a mother and her baby, elegantly glide  through the water, seemingly intrigued by the surfers’ presence.

Despite their imposing size and reputation as apex predators, orcas are known for their inquisitive and social behavior.

By luring unsuspecting birds to the shoreline with a tantalizing fishy treat, the orcas set the stage for a devious ambush.

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