By Josie  April 25th, 2024

Two Pit Bulls Destroy a Car 

Sure, we know that Pit Bulls are one of the strongest doggos out there – but did you know that these dogs are strong enough to destroy a car?

Pit bulls are renowned for their powerful build and strength. Compared to other breeds, they have a considerable biting force of up to 235 pounds!

How Strong Are Pit Bulls?

While a measurement like 235 pounds might be difficult to understand, the way the dogs in the video are able to tear a car (metal and rubber and all!) gives you a pretty good idea of what an immense force this is.

Bear in mind, though, that despite this, they’re not the breed with the strongest bite force! They’re outranked by both the German Shepherd and Rottweiler.

Had it not been for the owner's security footage, there’s no way we ever would’ve known that the culprits have a tail and four paws. 

The Footage 

The damages they managed to cause add up to a hefty $3,000.

Historically, pit bulls were bred for bull-baiting and later as farm dogs, which may explain their intense hunting instincts.

Their Hunting Instincts

Today, while they are primarily kept as pets, this behavior remains in their DNA.

However, the most dominant factor is how they are raised. Pit Bulls also have the capacity to be loving cuddle partners.

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