By Josie  February 14th, 2023

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Ugly Monkeys

Monkeys come in various shapes and sizes. What all of these monkeys have in common is one thing: they’re just plain ugly.

Let's take a peek:

Humans and modern apes share a common ancestry with older iterations of ape-like animals.

We diverged from a common ancestor millions of years ago, not from chimpanzees or gorillas, but rather in tandem with them.

Monkeys & Humans

Old World monkeys are found in Asia and Africa and have noses that point downward.

The nostrils of New World monkeys, which are found throughout North and South America, point outward.

Types of Monkeys

Its broad, bulbous snout makes it easy to identify.

1. Proboscis Monkey

The male monkey’s nose, which may reach 7 inches, is used to entice females.

They resemble aliens more than animals because of their long, slender, spider-like limbs and tail.

2. Spider Monkey

They are also one of the few monkeys that can walk on all fours and swing through the trees, making them equally at home on the ground as they are in the heights of the jungle.

The spider monkey has a sophisticated mind underneath its odd appearance.

3. Red-Faced Spider Monkey

Its capacity for tool creation is one illustration of its intelligence.

4. Tarsier

Due to the majority of their food being insects, they are also one of the few entirely carnivorous monkeys in the world.

Since their eyes are so large, around 75% of their head is taken up by them.

Chacma baboons have sharp canines, large snouts, and sharp angles on their faces.

Thus, they are frequently referred to as “dog-faced monkeys.”

5. Chacma Baboons

The crimson or blue color of the chacma baboon’s rear is another rather uncomfortable characteristic.

The baboon species known as hamadryas is indeed one the most vicious and repulsive.

6. Hamadryas Baboon

A male hamadryas baboon won’t put up with one of his females being lost or having feelings for another male.

They respond by biting the female and making visible threats.

The reddish-pink face darkens with age and might eventually turn entirely black.

They differ from other macaques in having thick, muscular bodies that are better suited to life on the ground than climbing trees.

7. Stump-Tailed Macaque

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These hideous creatures teach us the worth of all living things, including the ugly ones.