US States That Don’t Have Rattlesnakes

If you’re looking for safe places to plan holidays in America, we will discuss the US states that don’t have rattlesnakes so that you can have a fantastic time without worrying about your and your loved ones’ safety.

What Is A Rattlesnake?

A rattlesnake is a species of snake with a rattle on its tail; that’s where they take their name from. These snakes usually have triangle-shaped heads and large spotted bodies.

What Are The US States That Have No Rattlesnakes?


Hawaii is one of the luckiest states in the US, with no rattlesnakes. While there are snakes present in Hawaii, they are all non-venomous.


Alaska is naturally snake-free because of the state’s freezing weather. There is a lot of snow in the winter, and the ground freezes. Snakes live in warm climates because they have cold blood.

Rhode Island

The third US state that has no rattlesnakes in Rhode Island. Even though you can find other snakes in this state, they are usually non-venomous.


The fourth state that doesn’t have rattlesnakes in Maine. Though it wasn’t always this way, it is currently one of the only states that are rattlesnake-free.


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