By Josie  November 14th, 2023

Utah Hiker Gets Stalked by Cougar For 6 Minutes and Films Everything

Hikes are meant to get your heart racing, but for Kyle Burgess the reason for his pounding heartbeat wasn’t the cardio (as terrifying as that can be.)

Instead, this Utah hiker could blame the fact that he was stalked by a cougar – for a whole 6 minutes.

Utah's Cougar Population

Utah, with its expansive 36,000 square miles of habitat, is home to a cougar population currently estimated at around 1,600 animals.

Sadly, though, this number may be on the decline due to increased trophy hunting and habitat loss.

In the event of a cougar encounter, experts advise to stop immediately and not to run away.

What To Do During a Cougar Encounter

Running away or showing fear can trigger a cougar’s instinct to chase. The key is to convince the cougar that you are not prey but a potential threat.

The Utah hiker tries to scare the cougar off by yelling and making himself appear larger. When he throws a rock at the cougar,it finally retreats.

Utah Hiker Stalked by Cougar

Despite the apparent danger, experts suggest that the cougar was not attacking but rather trying to escort him away from her beloved cubs.

The cougar’s behavior in the video, involving mock charges and vocalizations, aligns more with a warning or a scare tactic rather than an intent to harm.

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