The ice covered costal regions of the world are home to the Walrus. Explore this amazing animal in this article.


With their huge and distinct tusks the Walrus looks like something that has been around since dinosaur-times. In fact, it’s the only species within its family, Odobenidae, that still exists today.


A Walrus’ diet is carnivorous. They are opportunistic feeders, feasting on all kinds of marine life. They forage for food on the seafloor, typically harvesting crabs, shrimp, sea cucumbers, fish, mollusks and the like.

Mating & Life Cycle

Contrary to the majority of our planet’s species, mating of Walruses is not only dependent on the female being fertile – males are also only fertile during a certain period.

To find a mate, the males will display dominance by showing off their tusks, the bigger the better, and fight with other males. Moreover, they perform vocal displays underwater to attract females.


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