Baby Monkey & Ducklings

One universal truth is that baby animals of any species are undeniably adorable.

The mere sight of them can lighten even the heaviest hearts.

But what happens when you combine not one, but two different types of baby animals?

The result is an irresistible overload of cuteness that is impossible to resist.

In this delightful video, a baby monkey and a brood of baby ducklings  form an enchanting bond that will leave you utterly enchanted.

Set against a soothing backdrop of calming music, this footage offers  over eight minutes of pure adorableness that is guaranteed to thaw even  the sternest of souls.

Ducklings also have an impressive array of facial expressions, including  smiling at their owners or scowling when angry, which is hilarious and  endearing.

Facial Features

Baby animals in action can melt away anger and stress in an instant, and this video does just that.

The video opens with the tiny monkey gazing fondly at the group of  ducklings, while the ducklings reciprocate the affection by grooming the  monkey’s fur.

Simultaneously, the baby monkey lovingly strokes and pets the tiny ducks.

The result is a scene of pure contentment as they huddle together, displaying an almost familial bond.

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