Black Bear Sees Its Reflection For The First Time Ever Recorded


black bear via unsplash

Watch as a black bear sees its reflection for the first time in this comical encounter and discover more about these omnivores in North America.  Must Watch Video at the end of this article!

Black bears are versatile beings when it comes to their habitat. They call North America home, inhabiting diverse regions, from dense forests to swamps, mountains, and even arid deserts.

black bear via unsplash

Where Do Black Bears Live?

Black bears are omnivores and have a diverse palate. They enjoy various foods that change with the seasons, predominantly eating tender grasses, plants, and insects in spring.

black bear via unsplash

What Do They Eat?

Black bear females give birth every two to three years. Mating occurs in early summer, with females delaying implantation to time cub birth for optimal conditions, usually during hibernation.

black bear via unsplash

What Does Their Life Look Like?

Despite their size and reputation, black bears are often considered shy and reclusive animals. They avoid human contact and usually flee to the wilderness.

black bears via unsplash

Understanding Their Behavior

In this captivating clip, a black bear encounters its reflection for the first time in a mirror. At first, it appears the bear has stumbled upon a rival and engages in a playful yet fierce interaction with its own reflection.

Black bear seeing its reflection. Image via TIMES NOW

Bear Sees Its Reflection For The First Time

The bear’s actions are endearing and comical as it paws and nudges the mirror, seemingly trying to intimidate its “opponent.” In an unexpected twist, the bear’s determination leads to the mirror breaking off the tree.

Bear and her cub via unsplash

black bear via unsplash

While the video offers a lighthearted moment, it also highlights the curiosity and intelligence of these creatures, and how sometimes the effects of our actions could provide confusion to these creatures.


black bear via unsplash