All About Elite Military Dogs


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For as long as dogs have been domesticated, that is, since around 26,000 years ago, they have been the companions and protectors of humans.  As such, they’ve been serving in militaries and battalions for thousands of years.

Humans have always fought among themselves, with conflicts evolving from small clan skirmishes using spears and swords to large-scale, global wars that now pose a nuclear threat.

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Earliest Warrior Dogs

Dogs were used here and there in battles throughout history, but the world wars were the first time they played a more important role.

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World Wars I & II

A stray dog named Stubby joined a US military camp during WWI and was later promoted to sergeant. Stubby and his handler served on the front lines, where he became an asset by detecting an enemy spy.

Sergeant Stubby via Wikimedia Commons

Dogs have long been used in warfare, but the U.S. leads in elite dog training. Established in 1942, the U.S. K-9 Corps has grown into a significant program that trains dogs for military and police roles.

Dogs in the U.S. Military

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Annually, about 400 dogs join the program, with 90% graduating to work in police roles or similar deployments. Those not meeting military standards often become emotional support animals for veterans with PTSD.

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Despite technological advances, dogs remain vital in the military for tasks like explosive detection, search and rescue, and providing psychological support to soldiers.

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Future of Military Dogs


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