By Josie  November 20th, 2023

Watch How This Lion Gets Stuck in a Feeding Barrel and Freaks Out

Everything is fun and games until someone gets their head stuck in a feeding barrel – or something like that.

This Dutch zoo was only trying to provide their lions with some good fun, but things went completely awry and eventually a veterinary even had to intervene.

Feeding Barrels: An Enrichment Activity

It’s a simple concept: food is hidden within a barrel (in the case of lions, for dogs a small rubber toy is more appropriate.)

Although it doesn’t quite simulate a natural hunting scenario, it does keep the animals mentally and physically engaged.

Enrichment activities in zoos play a vital role in maintaining the physical and mental well-being of all kinds of animals.

The Importance of Enrichment Activities

In the wild, animals spend much of their time foraging and hunting. Zoos, therefore, need to do their best to replicate these challenges to prevent boredom and depression.

The lion zooms around the enclosure but to no avail. Although a hilarious sight, it shows that enrichment activities need careful consideration to ensure they’re not dangerous.

Lion Gets Stuck

The lion in question emerged from the ordeal unscathed thanks to the zoo staff’s quick response and the involvement of a veterinarian, who safely sedated the lion to free it.

Following this mishap, the zoo officially declared that it would discontinue the use of barrels to ensure the safety and well-being of its lion population.

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