21 Animals That Call Yosemite Home


yosemite via unsplash

Lets take a closer look at the animals that call Yosemite home.  From Bears to birds, each plays an important role in this national park.

Yosemite’s most famous large mammal is known for its intelligence and adaptability.

black bear via unsplash

Black Bear

Easily recognized by their large ears and graceful movements, mule deer are a common sight in meadows and forests.

mule deer via unsplash

Mule Deer

Also known as cougars or pumas, these elusive predators are top of the food chain in Yosemite.

mountain lions via unsplash

Mountain Lion

Smaller than mountain lions, these solitary felines are often spotted at dawn or dusk.

bobcat via unsplash


These adaptable canines are often seen alone or in small groups throughout the park.

coyote via unsplash


The Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, a subspecies, is specially adapted to the high mountain terrain.

Bighorn Sheep via unsplash

Bighorn Sheep

american martin via unsplash

A member of the weasel family, martens are adept tree climbers and live in the park’s forested areas.

American Martin


ground squirrel via unsplash