Watch Raccoon Mother Shows Off Her Baby

While pottering around the house one day, a raccoon mother, named Roxie, shows off her baby to a human mother and her new child.

Firstly, I would never recommend feeding wildlife.

But the previous owners mentioned they feed the raccoon, so Roxie was already human adjusted.

Every year Roxie had a new litter, she would come back to show off her new babies.

Roxie showed them that Brittany was safe and not a threat.

Then Brittany has a child of her own to show off to Roxie!

Roxie’s daughter, named Penelope even came back with her daughter to show off to Brittany’s daughter.

They connected in a profound display of maternal affection.

Roxie would knock on the window to say hello, emphasizing the raccoon’s attempts to communicate.

At one point, she even pressed her face against the glass, mirroring Brittany’s daughter’s curiosity, allowing the mothers and their babies to share a truly intimate moment.

Brittany and her daughter were deeply moved by the experience.

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