Watch The Most Beautiful Octopus – The ‘Rainbow’ Blanket Octopus

Cayla de Souza

A multi-colored blanket octopus was spotted near the Philippine coast, showcasing the ocean's diverse marine life.

The blanket octopus is known for its colorful and dynamic appearance and resides in warmer oceans.

There is a significant size difference between male and female blanket octopuses, with females being much larger.

These octopuses use dramatic color displays for mating rituals and defense mechanisms.

Unlike many octopuses, the blanket octopus doesn’t release ink for defense but can change color and texture.

They are immune to the poisonous stings of the Portuguese man o’ war, showcasing their resilience and adaptability.

The octopus’s mesmerizing colors and behaviors are a testament to the ocean’s wonders.

Understanding and protecting extraordinary creatures like the blanket octopus is crucial for maintaining the marine ecological balance.


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