By Josie  April 5th, 2023

Water Snakes

These intriguing creatures are surprisingly common around aquatic habitats but often go unnoticed due to their secretive nature.

It's time to learn about water snakes.

Water snakes, otherwise known as the Neruda genus of non-venomous North American colubrid snakes, are found near or inside bodies of water.

They are most commonly found in and around the southeastern United States.

Let's take a look at some common types of water snakes:

1. Northern Water Snake

This species is frequently encountered in freshwater streams, lakes, and ponds along the entire eastern coastline up to Minnesota.

This snake grows up to four feet long.

It inhabits areas from Florida up to New Jersey and into Indiana.

2. Banded Water Snake

3. Western Cottonmouth

This snake is often mistaken for a water snake due to its aquatic nature.

However, it’s actually classified as a venomous pit viper.

Water snakes have adapted to life fully submerged underwater by developing stronger respiratory muscles than their land-dwelling counterparts.

Certain cells in their eyes allow them to see more clearly through murky waters than land-dwelling snakes who rely on scent alone to locate prey.

Handling Snakes: Safety Precautions

Wear thick clothing that covers your entire body and long, sturdy gloves that extend past the wrist.

Never try to pick up a snake that you cannot see or if its head is hidden in brush or debris.

Conserving water snakes' habitat is not only vital for the snakes, it also protects the delicate balance that exists in an ecosystem. 

Importance of Conservation

Conserving habitats can also help protect water sources from becoming polluted or contaminated.

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