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Let's compare weasels vs. ferrets!

These guys belong to the same family so no wonder they're both nimble and playful.

Size of Weasels

On average, they weigh 1-2 pounds.

Weasels are smaller than ferrets, only measuring 7-12 inches.

Size of Ferrets

Ferrets are much larger, reaching  about 20 inches in length.

Naturally, they're also heavier, usually weighing 1.4-5 pounds.

Meanwhile, ferrets exist worldwide.

Weasels only exist in cooler climates, such as North America, Greenland, and Japan. 

In comparison, Ferrets have a rounder snout and larger ears.

Weasels have a pointed snout and small ears.

Weasels Vs. Ferrets: Diet

Weasels are carnivorous mammals that typically feed on small rodents, eggs, and insects.

Ferrets consume a combination of meat-based proteins, grains, and vegetables.

These two small mammals are surprisingly big on social interaction.

Social Behavior

Interactions can range from animals playing together or even grooming each other’s fur through mutual grooming.

Weasels are known to be aggressive and are therefore highly unsuitable as pets.

Suitability as Pets

Ferrets, though, are popular pets because they are extremely social and playful.

In most U.S. states it is even illegal to keep weasels as pets since they are deemed wild and exotic animals.

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