By Josie  April 3rd, 2023

What Do Skunks Eat?

These guys are known for their iconic white stripes along its back the foul odor they produce as a defence mechanism.

Do you know what skunks eat?

Skunks are animals with black fur with two white stripes running down their back and tail

Appearance of Skunks

They weigh weigh anywhere from 1 to 18 pounds.

Their bushy tail that helps them balance and warn predators.

They also have sharp, curved claws used for digging and climbing trees.

Skunks have two scent glands on either side of their anus to spray a strong-smelling liquid as a defence mechanism.


Now that we know the them a little better, let's take a look at what skunks eat!

Skunks are opportunistic eaters.

They will consume a wide variety of foods depending on what is available in their environment.

Dietary Habits

Insects are a primary food source for skunks.

Diet of Skunks

They also have a taste for plants and will commonly eat berries, nuts

Skunks will likewise readily hunt and eat small mammals like rodents, rabbits, and birds.

They also enjoy eggs and carrion.

Interestingly, skunks naturally resist the toxins found in some prey.


This allows them to safely consume animals that might be poisonous to other animals.

- Insects  - Small mammals  - Eggs  - Berries  - Nuts - Carrion  - Eggs

What Do Skunks Eat: A Summary

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