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What Sound Do



Although they all goats may sound the same to our ears, they differ depending on what the goat is trying to communicate.

Let's take a look:

Let's take a look:

Goats were first domesticated about 10,000 years ago somewhere in Central Asia.

Their wild ancestor, the gasang, is closely linked to today’s ibex.

History of Goats

The sound of a goat is referred to as bleat or baa.

It has Baa, Maa, and Meh-like tones.

What Is a Goat Sound Called?

Just as people from different parts of the world have different accents, so do goats.

Do Goats Have Accents?

The location and breed of the goat are the main determining factors.

– Nubians – Nigerians


What Are the Loudest and Quietest Goats?


– Toggenburg – Lamanachas – Alpines – Boers

Goats have a wide variety of bleating sounds that they use to communicate with their fellow animals

What Do the Different Goat Sounds Mean?

The goat bleats can differ in a variety of ways, including loudness, depth, and pitch, depending on the specific purpose for which they are bleating.

Their depth or pitch may reflect this; a higher pitch may imply even more urgency

#1 Goat Danger and Alarm Sound

#2 Goat Hunger and Thirst Sound

They may be asking other goats or farmers for food because they are hungry or thirsty.

Like people, they crave interaction and companionship with others.

#3 Goat Loneliness Sound

#4 Sick Goat’s Bleating

They may be asking other goats or farmers for food because they are hungry or thirsty.

They make a bleat that initially seems weak, but soon enough, it changes as they age and transforms into a ‘baa.’

What Does a Baby Goat Sound Like?

A baby goat’s bleat doesn’t sound too different from a cat’s noise.

While sheep also express a wide range of emotions through vocalizations, they are overall quieter when compared to goats.

Do Goats and Sheep Make Similar Sounds?

Goats can be extremely loud and aggressive, much like mules and donkeys.

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