Where can you see Koalas

Have you ever asked yourself where you could see koalas? We collected the best places for you to see koalas in the wild, in a koala sanctuary, or park.

The word “koala” means “do not drink” in the Aboriginal language. Koalas hardly ever drink. They take in water mainly through their food: they eat eucalyptus leaves.

Best places to see Koalas in the wild and facts about Australia

Raymond Island, Victoria

Currently there are about 300 koalas living there. Furthermore, the Raymond Island Koala Shelter takes care of sick and injured animals.

Kennett River, Victoria

The area is known for its beautiful views of the coast, for the Great Otway National Park and for surfing.

Cape Otway, Victoria

Another beautiful place with koala guarantee is the Cape Otway Peninsula. Only a few kilometers west of Kennett River you can reach this small, little visited paradise Cape Otway.

Port Stephens, New South Wales

It is only about 200 kilometres away from Sydney and is a real highlight because of its relaxed atmosphere and the natural surroundings.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Koalas can be seen at almost every corner – there are so many that the island should actually be called Koala Island.

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