Where to Dive with Tiger Sharks

Diving with tiger sharks is one of the most exciting animal encounters we know of. Unlike tigers on land, tiger sharks generally do not see us as prey.

Let us take you on a journey and follow us to the best places on earth to dive with tiger sharks. The following map gives a sneak peek on where diving with Tiger Sharks is possible.

Best Places to Dive with Tiger Sharks

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Known for its crystal clear waters and calm blue colours, Tiger Beach is a destination popular amongst travelers, photographers and shark lovers.

Fuvahmulah, Maldives

An absolute highlight for every diver! Only here in the Maldives at Tiger Zoo you have a 100% guarantee on dozens of tiger sharks.

Beqa Island, Fiji

One of the most beautiful hideaways on the planet, Fiji invites divers from all over the world the opportunity to come into close proximity with tiger sharks.

Hawaii, USA

In the Oahu North Shore area, you are able to deep dive to the depths of the blue Pacific Ocean where you may encounter such interesting beasts. 

North Carolina, USA

Because the sharks prefer more secure, secluded areas of the ocean, many of the shipwrecks become homes for them.

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