Where To Find The Tarantula Spiders

No matter how much you despise the existence of spiders, nature has ensured they are present in every corner of the world.  We’ve created a blog on where you can expect to find these little (and sometimes big) creatures!

Texas Brown Tarantula

The Texas Brown tarantula, also known as the Oklahoma brown tarantula, is native to northern Texas and Oklahoma. This tarantula species is the second most common spider in the southern United States, after the Brazilian black tarantula.

Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula

This giant species of tarantula is the largest spider in the world in terms of weight. This ruthless creature is native to the northern parts of South America with a particular liking for swampy and marshy areas.

Mexican Redknee Tarantula

These species of the tarantula family are unique due to their characteristic red-black colored legs and pedipalps. No matter how beautiful you find them, if you dare go near them, get yourself ready for the urticating hair attack!

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Often nicknamed ‘rosies’ by many arachnid researchers, these are the most notable species of spiders you would find in American and a few European regions. These tarantulas are native to Chile, where they are primarily found in the deserts and drylands.

Pink Toe Tarantula

The pink toe tarantulas are native to South American states, from Costa Rica to Brazil. This species is adapted to living in higher regions with a balanced amount of humidity, that is, the air around them shouldn’t be too dry or too moist.


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