Where to See Penguins

Have you found yourself wondering where to see penguins? Where can I encounter them or swim with them? Or wondering about Penguins in general? We have the perfect blog for you!


Some island-dwellers can be found in warmer climates, but most—including emperor, adélie, chinstrap, and gentoo penguins—reside in and around icy Antarctica.

Behavior & Breeding

Penguins stand upright and waddle, hop, or run forward on land. Polar penguins "toboggan" across the ice on their bellies and push forward with their feet to cover long distances.

Types of Penguins

African Penguin

African Penguins were called "Jackass" Penguins because of their donkey-like bray. To avoid confusion with three other penguin species with similar calls, this continent-only species is now known as the African Penguin.

Northern Rockhopper Penguin

These little birds live on naturally uninhabited islands and have little fear of humans; all they want is your love and respect. Rockhopper penguins get their name from the fact that they hop up and down steep slopes to get to their nests.

The King Penguin

These penguins are stunningly beautiful, but their fuzzy brown chicks may just be the ugly ducklings of all penguins.  These majestic birds are the second largest penguin species.


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