Who has the best sense of smell?

Animals have varying sense of smell, but who has the strongest?

They have nearly 2,000 distinct genes dedicated to the sense of smell.

#1 Elephants

Their smell detection is so important and decisive in their lives that  the olfactory bulb occupies two-thirds of their brain!

#2 Sharks

Their large noses have several thousand smell receptors, which are 100 times more potent compared to the human nose.

#3 Bears

A breed of dogs known as the bloodhounds have an acute smelling ability,  300 times stronger when compared to humans. They are able to locate  scents older than two weeks.

#4 Dogs

They rely on their excellent sense of smell, which compensates for their weak hearing ability and poor vision.

#5 Snakes

Researchers have discovered that their beaks contain sensory holes that allow them to detect prey crawling under the ground

#6 Kiwis

There are still a few more intriguing animals to find out about that have an extremely acute sense of smell.

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