Wild Bear Charges Photographers

In a heart-stopping encounter in Alaska’s Chinitna Bay on Lake Clark’s Cook inlet.

A group of tourists and photographers found themselves in the direct path of a charging brown bear.

On a guided tour with Scenic Bear Viewing, the group aimed to observe bears in their natural environment.

However, what was supposed to be a serene experience quickly turned into a nail-biting moment.

While the group was observing a calm bear digging holes on the sandy shores of the National Park, a brown bear in the distance suddenly began charging towards them at an alarming speed.

The rapid approach of the bear caught everyone off guard, heightening the situation’s tension.

Martin Boland, the guide with over a decade of experience with these majestic creatures, showcased immense courage.

Instead of retreating, Martin ran directly towards the charging bear, screaming and waving his camera in a brave attempt to deter the animal.

His quick thinking and fearless approach worked and the bear decided to retreat to the water.

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