Wildlife in Florida

Welcome to Wildlife in Florida. Almost nowhere else in the United States is the diversity of species as pronounced as in Florida.

The Sunshine State is known for its beautiful beaches and many hours of sunshine and is home to many different animal species.

Which animals live in Florida, where the best places are to encounter them in the wild, and which ones you should better not get too close to will learn in this story.

Black Bear

Yep, that’s not a typo. The first animal may come as a direct surprise to some. You see, the black bear is not only found in colder regions of North America but also in Florida.


Florida’s numerous lakes and swamps provide an optimal habitat for the Water Moccasin. This snake can grow up to 4 m long and is often mistaken for a harmless water snake.


The Mississippi alligator is the most widespread species. Alligators prefer fresh water and live in swamps, lakes, rivers, and canals.


Cases in which crocodiles have harmed people are still much rarer in Florida than the incidents with alligators. So there is no reason to cancel your vacation in the Sunshine State.


Manatees are probably one of the most harmless and peaceful animals in Florida. Unique Wildlife in Florida. You can approach them without hesitation and even swim with them.

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