Wildlife in France

Wildlife in France is discrete and unique, and this blog will pinpoint a few exciting animals which you may want to watch when you’re next visiting the stunning country!

South Genets

Genets are closely related to other little animals called mongooses and civets. They are all carnivorous, usually eating insects, small rodents, and birds, and they use their sharp claws to trap their prey.

Green Lizards

Green lizards can measure up to 40 cm in length! That’s more than the average ruler! Two-thirds of the total length is the tail, which is wide at the base, becoming cylindrical towards the end, large flat head and a rounded nose.


The chamois reach about 75–80 cm in height and weigh up to 60 kg. This weight is at the end of summer—during winter. The chamois can lose up to 50% of its body weight.

The identifying features of the chamois include the short, slightly curled horns. As well as the black stripes underneath the eyes on an otherwise white face. The body hair can be grey (winter) or brown (summer).

The North Wolves

Although no wolves remained in France after overhunting in the 1930s, the animals returned to the country thirty years ago – crossing over from Italy.

Wild Boar

Wild boar numbers were growing rapidly – causing concern and controversy – even before the confinement period began. Over the past five years, their population has grown to around two million in France.

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